A creative copywriter, originally from New Zealand, I come equipped with 10 years’ experience, writing and concepting all around the world.

Comfortable with working on pitch work, digital and social, as well as big brand campaigns, for the last three years I have been freelancing in London with top ad agencies such as Ogilvy, Dare/Elvis, SapientNitro and FCB, and PR agencies such as Edelman.

Before that I undertook contract work in far-flung countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and UAE. Not only was it an amazing experience, it allowed me to work on big name brands such as McDonald’s, American Express, Sara Lee, P&G and Nissan, but for local markets.

I can tell you why you can’t show a birthday cake on TV in Saudi Arabia, for instance.

To add to this fairly eclectic background, I also started my own ad agency, HoöperNagel, with Chris A. Moreira. We managed to grab project work on Olympus, Mountain Dew and Amnesty International and ended up with silverware at Cannes as well as other trinkets. Ultimately, it was a side project for us and we put HoöperNagel to bed a few years ago.

Well that’s my blather. To see more of my background, look here for my résumé.

Parting Note: If I could work at any ad agency on planet Earth it’d be working at Mad Dogs & Englishmen in the early 90s.

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