Integrated Creative. 

Part time writer. Part time art director. Full time hoarder.

Experienced in most sectors, I have 10 years’ advertising experience working as a global creative working on brands such as P&G and McDonald's for local markets.

Cities I've worked in include Wellington, Auckland, Sydney, Nairobi, Riyadh, Dubai and London, which means I know a bit about local market insights. I can tell you why you can’t show a birthday cake in a commercial in Saudi Arabia, or use someone with a big nose on an East African billboard.

For the last 3 years I've been freelancing in London in agencies including Ogilvy, Grey, SapientNitro, FCB, Brave and Edelman working on brands like Ford, Volkswagen, UPS, Nivea, Post Office, Virgin, Diageo, Microsoft, British Airways and Logitech.

To add to this background, I also started my own ad agency, HoöperNagel, which ended up with silverware at Cannes as well scoring project work on Olympus, Mountain Dew and Amnesty International. 

To see my complete background, look here for my résumé.

Parting Note: If I could work at any ad agency, at any time, it’d be Mad Dogs & Englishmen in the early 90s.

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