Jonathan Horner


Hello, welcome and sit yourself down. I’m a New Zealander.

It means I can say “fish and chips” 14 different ways.

It also means I’m a traveler. More New Zealanders besides the Swiss call overseas home.

Which substantiates why I’ve worked across 5 continents applying my thinking to a range of ad agencies.

I’ve worked in Nairobi. I’ve worked in Beirut.

And for the last 5 years I’ve worked in New York.

You could call me a US transplant. Green card included.

What I do is I craft content. Make ads.

And I do it across a range of media. Outdoor, social, experiential, you name it.

I’m at home managing teams or doing the work myself.

And the industries? Most.

If you’ve held it, seen it, or dealt to it at some point I might have written an idea or copy for it.

I’m lucky enough to work in an industry that affords me the opportunity to make fun stuff.

For enquires, both serious and conversational, you can reach me at the below:


PHONE: +1 718 501 0449

RESUME: See here