Jonathan Horner

TD Bank - High Line Honey

TD Bank sponsored NYC's High Line park. Yet no one knew it. Thanks to strict rules associated with the sponsorship, TD Bank could sponsor the park but couldn’t talk about it.

So, how do you change a silent sponsorship into a trending topic?

You create a product from it. 

We set up beehives in, on and around New York rooftops close to the High Line.

Silence is golden, but not in this case. Interest in the initiative grew through publications and social creating much needed… buzz. Oh, and we transported over 250,000 bees across state lines to make it all happen.


We promoted the kickoff on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and to press and influencers directly.
The event drew thousands of visitors and the honey sold out in less than 3 hours making it the most successful activation in their history.